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A $7.8 billion agreement with BP has received preliminary approval to settle a class-action suit which would resolve more than 100,000 individual and business claims derived from the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The agreement covers economic, property and medical claims, but not ones from the U.S. government or Gulf Coast states. A fairness hearing to address objections is set for Nov. 8., Reuters  05/02/2012
A school district in New Jersey will pay $4.2 million to a middle school student who was paralyzed from the waist down after being punched in the stomach by a bully. The punch caused a clot, keeping blood from reaching lower areas of the spine. The suit claims the bully was a known aggressor in the school and failed to prevent him from harming kids.  Wire Report, The Washington Post  04/18/2012
The New York Presbyterian Hospital has agreed to settle a $5.3 million lawsuit with a local family over the premature birth of a child with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. The lawsuit claimed nurses and doctors did not take enough steps "to prevent premature birth" during the woman's several visits before the child was born. Reuters  04/13/2012
A 90-year-old Montana woman has been awarded $34.2 million in a lawsuit against her insurance company after the company ended her assisted living benefits. The insurance company stopped payments in 2010 because a doctor found the woman was no longer "severely" impaired, but the lawsuit argued the company misapplied the rules of her policy.  Wire Report, Yahoo News  04/10/2012
A Chicago couple will receive $8.25 million to settle a lawsuit filed against a local hospital over the death of their infant son. The infant, born extremely premature in September 2010, was accidentally given a fatal dose of sodium chloride in an IV.
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