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Mahoney Law PLLC of Boise, Idaho is currently accepting and evaluating medical malpractice cases in Boise, and all of Idaho, involving all types of negligent medical care.  We handle cases all over the state of Idaho.  In striving to be a top medical malpractice law firm, we use the services of numerous medical experts to assist us in evaluating your potential medical malpractice case.  Some of the more interesting cases we have reviewed over the past month include: medical malpractice for an orthopedic surgery procedure resulting in a leg amputation; a medical malpractice case involving a radiologist misreading an imaging scan resulting in wrongful death; a medical malpractice case involving severe birth injuries due to failure to diagnose neonatal meningitis.  In our effort to be one of the best medical malpractice firms, we offer free, no obligation case evaluations and we work on a contingency fee (commission) basis so you pay no fees unless we are successful at trial or with settlement.  We are highly ranked on AVVO, Super Lawyers, and with the Better Business Bureau.  Our  number is 208-345-6364.  Please call and speak with our dedicated legal nurse consultant, Lisa Verdi RN, so we can learn the basic facts of your case.

Mahoney Law PLLC of Boise, Idaho is a top-flight personal injury and medical malpractice law firm.  We handle a full range of cases, from serious medical malpractice cases to auto-accident claims.  Whether your case involves a car crash or negligent care by a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other healthcare provider, we offer free, confidential, no obligation consultations.  We are very pleased to announce that we have recently hired a nurse RN to assist us in-office in evaluating new medical related claims and with litigation support.  This valuable addition to our team allows us to provide the highest, most accurate, and focused level of representation to our clients in complicated medical related cases as well as in evaluating medical records in more routine cases.  

Mahoney Law is pleased to report that it secured a $550,000 settlement on a case against a major, high-profile liability insurance company.  The company had wrongfully denied coverage to an at-fault party by whom our client was harmed.  Our client agreed to accept a judgment against the at-fault party, plus an assignment of rights to sue the at-fault-party's insurance company for breach of contract and bad faith.  We proceeded with a lawsuit against the insurance company.  The insurance company requested a settlement mediation at which it agreed to pay over half-a-million dollars, far more than they would have had to pay had they honestly dealt with the claim, in good faith, to begin with.  We do not allow insurance companies to bully our clients, or hide documents in discovery, nor do we allow them to get away with denying coverage or denying payment on valid claims.  Win, lose, or draw, we will take them to court and seek a just result -- usually they end up paying in the end and regretting not having been honest and straightforward from the start.  They end up simply wasting money to pay defense lawyers substantial fees to work the file to deny, delay, and defend that which is fundamentally indefensible -- a tactic that makes little business sense, is unethical, is immoral, and is usually horribly unsuccessful.  

Mahoney Law Idaho Personal Injury Law Firm is pleased to report that we have settled a personal injury case involving a very serious, tragic injury that occurred at a campground in Idaho.  Our client, a 50-year-old female, was rendered a paraplegic when a wind storm blew over a tree which fell on her at a national forest campground.  The tree was hazardous in that the campground had a history of "windthrow events" due to poor soil conditions.  The entire tree was uprooted due to an unsafe root structure that existed because the campground flooded every year from the nearby lake.  Over time, the soil in which 100-foot-tall trees were anchored was merely lakebed gravel.  There were no warnings posted and the most dangerous spots had not been closed, despite being on notice of the problem.   Our client received a $1.6 million settlement in resolution of this matter, avoiding years of costly litigation and possible appeals.  Our extensive use of the federal Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") to obtain internal forest service documents as to this dangerous situation was pivotal in our ability to successfully resolve this case in favor of our client.  We take pride in our Idaho Personal Injury Attorney practice and our results oriented approach to representing ordinary Idahoans.   

Mahoney Law recently settled a medical malpractice case on behalf of an elderly veteran for $825,000 due to VA hospital malrpactice.  We handle cases against Veterans Affairs Hospitals and we represent veterans and their families.  VA related malpractice cases are brought under the Federal Tort Claims Act, known as the "FTCA."  Patrick Mahoney is an experienced VA hospital malpractice lawyer.  There are special pre-filing requirements for bringing a case against the VA.  Yes, you can sue the VA for malpractice, but there are strict time and notice requirements.  We have obtained several very large results against the VA in recent cases, including on an amputation case and on a spinal surgery related case.  We have also obtained multi-million dollar results against federally funded clinics in cases brought under the FTCA.  Veterans facilities are held to as high of standards as any private hospital or doctor.  Please call or email us if you have questions on a Department of Veterans Affairs malpractice case, whether Army, Air Force, or Navy. 

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