The Philadelphia Inquirer (7/1, Bender) reports that Scott Skirpan, "a softhearted ex-Marine from Easton, lost both his legs three years ago in a gruesome industrial accident at a Northampton County landfill. This week in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court, the firm that owns the landfill, and Caterpillar Inc. - which made the bulldozer that crushed his legs like toothpicks - agreed to pay Skirpan a whopping $16.25 million to settle his negligence lawsuit in midtrial. It is one of the largest settlements in Pennsylvania history for a single-victim personal-injury case, lawyers said. But Skirpan, a cement-finisher, says he'd rather be a working stiff with four limbs than a millionaire who can't walk."
The AP (6/30) reported that Skirpan "says other workers stood by and watched and he had to call 911 on a cell phone." Skirpan "sought help from lawyers who got the settlement worked out. Paul Lauricella of The Beasley Firm in Philadelphia says he hoped things would work out the right way and in this case he thinks they di
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