Every year at this time, we encourage all Idahoans to drive safely and use good winter driving skills to avoid car crashes leading to personal injuries. Some safe winter driving tips and pointers: Slow down and drive at a lower speed to avoid automobile collisions on icy roads.  Leave extra following distance between you and vehicle ahead and do not tailgate, this goes a long way in avoiding motor vehicle accidents on winter roads.  Start stopping earlier and gently apply your brakes to avoid sliding into an intersection and causing a car collision.  Keep your windows clear of snow, ice, and fog; maintaining good visibility is crucial for winter driving safety and avoiding injuries from accidents.  And, make sure your tires are in safe condition with good all-weather traction to avoid sliding on snow covered roadways this winter.  


Sometimes, despite your best efforts and safe conduct, you cannot avoid “the other guy” who is driving in an unsafe manner in winter road conditions and causes a collision with injuries.  If serious personal injury results from someone hitting your vehicle this winter, you may end up having to bring a personal injury claim.  A personal injury claim starts with contacting a qualified, experienced injury attorney.  You will want a personal injury lawyer with experience in winter driving cases.  A personal injury law firm with expertise in snow and ice related motor vehicle collisions will strongly advance your injury case.


Some practical pointers and tips for a personal injury claim arising from unsafe driving in winter conditions are as follows:  First, if you can, get some cell phone pictures of the crash scene, the roadways, and the vehicles.  Second, promptly report to an appropriate healthcare provider and follow all medical advice and treatment recommendations; your recovery from a medical standpoint comes first in terms of your health and wellbeing.  Third, contact an experienced personal injury attorney and provide them with the facts of the situation.  Fourth, be patient as a personal injury claim takes time to properly work up so as to present all elements of money damages to which you are entitled.  Do not delay in contacting an injury lawyer as gathering facts early in the process can be critical to the success of your claim and there are time deadlines for bringing personal injury lawsuits.


If you, a loved one, or friend are the victim of a careless winter driving personal injury claim, do not hesitate to contact Mahoney Law here in Boise.  Using the latest in law firm office technology, we serve all of Idaho, from the panhandle in the north (including Coeur d’Alene), down through the Palouse (Moscow), to central Idaho (Lewiston), and on into southwest Idaho (including the greater Boise area) and southeast Idaho (over into Mountain Home and Twin Falls, and from Pocatello on up through Idaho Falls and northward).  Our personal injury attorney practice at Mahoney Law provides virtual appointments through Zoom so you do not have to travel to the office.  Mahoney Law’s injury claim lawyer services use virtual document transfer services such as DocuSign for paperwork to eliminate the time and hassle of having you send things by mail or scanning and emailing.  The Idaho injury law firm of Mahoney Law works with you to answer all your questions and provide timely, prompt, and efficient service on your injury claim this winter.  https://youtu.be/WksyKmpcGfU


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