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OVERVIEW:  Mahoney Law, PLLC assists veterans, their families, and loved ones on a nationwide basis in cases wherein a Veterans Affairs hospital has provided negligent care and committed medical malpractice.  These cases involve doctor, nurse, and care provider malpractice at VA hospital facilities.  Cases against a VA facility are brought under the Federal Tort Claims Act (“FTCA”), which has strict notice filing deadlines, so do not delay in contacting us if you feel as though you or a loved one are the victim of substandard care at a VA hospital. Veterans may have been told that lawyers do not sue the VA in your state, which is usually not true.  Also veterans may have been told that bringing a lawsuit can result in less disability benefits, which may also be inaccurate.  Consult with us on a free, no obligation basis to see if bringing a case against the VA makes sense in your situation.

RESULTS:  Mahoney Law, PLLC has received substantial awards against the VA, as well as record setting settlements against federally funded clinics under the FTCA.  Some examples include: $825,000 for malpractice arising out of a botched knee replacement surgery on a veteran; $800,000 for delayed back surgery for a veteran; $2.8 million for a young family in a birth injury related FTCA case; and $7 million for a couple in a FTCA birth case involving a federally funded clinic.

THE PROCESS:  Mahoney Law, PLLC takes all types of medical malpractice cases against VA hospitals and facilities.  This broad range includes, but is not limited to, knee and leg surgery VA malpractice; back surgery VA malpractice; infection and sepsis VA malpractice; delay in diagnosis VA malpractice; failure to timely obtain consults and transfer to private facility related VA malpractice; and all other types.  We first consult with you on a free, no obligation basis to learn the basic facts of your situation.  We then gather your medical records to review.  We consult with leading medical experts to determine if the standard of care was violated.  If we take the case, we work on a contingency fee (commission) basis that is outlined and approved under the Federal Tort Claims Act, where you  pay no attorney fees unless we settle your case or win your case at trial.  As we start the process, we also assist you in filing the proper Form 95 Notice of Federal Tort Claim with the appropriate Veterans Affairs representatives to preserve your rights. 


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