Mahoney Law, PLLC is specialized and selective. We refrain from trying to be all things to all people because we believe a generalist approach serves neither our best interests nor the needs of our clients. If your situation is similar to any of the following scenarios, please contact us immediately to discuss your options.

Product Liability

These claims may be appropriate when unsafe products injure consumers or workers are injured by machinery or equipment.

Insurance Bad Faith

These claims may be appropriate when your insurance company is not treating you fairly and has delayed or denied payment of your claim.

Automobile Accidents

These claims may include one or more of the following situations: catastrophic injury, death, large truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, minor injury, or connective tissue damage.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

These claims may be appropriate when a prescription drug or medical device has harmed instead of helped you when used as intended.

Medical Negligence

These claims may be appropriate when your doctor or other healthcare provider has not met accepted standards in providing quality care.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases are brought by surviving loved ones of a deceased. They may involve death caused by a medical provider, a faulty product, a dangerous drug, or a motor vehicle driver, to name but a few examples.

Employment Law

These claims may be appropriate when your employer has wrongfully terminated you or discriminated against you in some way.

Railroad Injuries

We assist injured railroad workers in claims under federal statutes, as well as motorists injured at rail crossings.

Food Poisoning Cases

We represent victims of tainted food, including serious e-coli and other food-related illnesses.

Premises Liability

You may have a premises liability claim if a business or other property was unsafe and caused injuries, such as by falling merchandise, unsafe floors, icy conditions, or otherwise.

Business Disputes, Commercial Litigation, and Contract Law

These claims may be appropriate when a business deal falls apart or one party did not live up to the agreed upon terms of a bargain.

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