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A Brooklyn woman has been awarded $17.9 million in a lawsuit she filed against the city and the Brooklyn Hospital Center for a failed diagnosis that forced the amputation of both her feet and hands. In 2008, she was diagnosed with kidney stones after a short stint in the ER and sent home. The next day, the suit claims, she was hit with "agonizing pain and numbness," but fire department medics would not take her back to the hospital. By the time her fiancé rushed her to another emergency room, an infection had spread throughout her body, and her extremities had to be amputated.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of about 31,000 Tumblekins Toys vehicles and playsets to due choking and laceration risks. The agency said the toys can break into small pieces, posing risks of injury to small children. There has been one report of a toy breaking, but no injuries occurred.  Staff Report, PR Newswire  02/16/2012

The AAJ is reporting as follows concerning punitive damages in tobacco-related cases: 

In the first case of the so-called Engle progeny to reach the Florida Supreme Court, the court has declined to review a lower court’s decision upholding $3.3 million in compensatory damages and $25 million in punitive damages for the widow of a smoker. (R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. v. Martin, No. SC11-483 (Fla. July 19, 2011).)

In Engle v. Liggett Group in 2006, the Florida Supreme Court threw out a $145 billion punitive damages award and decertified a class of smokers and their survivors. Instead, it allowed the plaintiffs to pursue their claims individually, using Engle’s findings regarding the tobacco companies’ liability. Certain findings were given res judicata effect. (945 So. 2d 1246 (Fla. 2006).)

Jury awards couple $104M in Vegas hepatitis case

The Associated Press
Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2011 | 5:59 p.m.

A Nevada jury found drug companies liable Wednesday for $104 million in damages in a third product liability lawsuit stemming from a hepatitis C outbreak four years ago at Las Vegas outpatient colonoscopy clinics owned by a doctor now facing state and federal criminal charges.

The same Clark County District Court civil jury that on Monday awarded $14 million in compensatory damages to Michael Washington and his wife, Josephine Washington, spent less than two hours deliberating before deciding Teva Parenteral Medicines Inc. should pay the couple $60 million in punitive damages and Baxter Healthcare Corp. should pay $30 million.

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